I continued focused on Quipu, where we swapped the uncertainty of the earliest months for excitement and growth.

As we left our anniversary celebration behind and the summer went by, all the team focused their energies to increase growth and continue working towards our vision. For one thing, we had learnt a lot about our clients and what they needed, making us able to have a clearer business model that would made our company viable. Apart from the self-service clients that we converted (and convert) through the different acquisition channels we had, a great deal of growth came through bookkeepers. They help us grow faster through their network of contacts and, furthermore, serve as the perfect product validator through their level of exigency.

Apart from that, we wanted for everyone out there (prospective clients, other bookkeepers, and investors too) to know exactly what and how we were doing. We aimed to solve the oldest problem in the Internet business: not only craft an awesome product, but know how to market it and sell it to your customers. So we got to work on one of the greatest projects inside the company until that moment: project our mission and values to the Internet by building a great new commercial website.

In order to do that, we went to our deepest core, asked ourselves what (and how) we wanted to be in the near and further future, and thought inevitable to go through a rebranding process. And we came up with the ice-cream, which might be shocking at first glance for some people but has a whole reasoning behind. We know administrative and finantial tasks is dull and boring, but we all know we have to do them. So why not doing them the best way possible? Why not rethinking the processes our clients have to deal with? This is our statement, and thus our new refreshing logo.

We launched the new branding and commercial website well into October, and continued working on product, marketing and sales. As of development, we grew in all three fronts: focusing on the product we wanted to have, but with an eye or two on marketing and sales so we could do a better job there. And day to day, we had to deal not only with new features to deploy and offer to our customers, but also scalability as traffic and use of the platform grew, as well as taking care of all the code we had already crafted up to that point.

Early on the new year 2015 we experienced a faster growth and things got better. Also, we hired another salesman who could help getting to more bookkeeper and accountant businesses, improved our product gradually so it suited SMEs, and hired two developers which could help us do things better and quicker without losing the quality on which Quipu was based from day zero.

As of now, we are immersed in an exciting and vital moment at the company which will eventually lead to a second investment round, mostly focused on being able to do more things in the same amount of time, setting Quipu to a whole new level in Spain and gradually expanding to other countries.

And that’s what I’m doing now.

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