So it has been a while since I don’t have a proper blog, and I thought it might be nice to have a platform for that.

And it truly has been a long while.

Back in April of 2009, I already decided to embark in this frightening, expected-to-be-awesome experience called Erasmus. At first I only thought of going away for a semester, but then I was convinced that the best began after being some months there, so I dove in head first. In fact, I ended up requesting a year-and-a-half Erasmus stay in Turin, northern Italy, which would get me a double degree in Computer Science Engineering for both countries.

In order to log my experiences to come, I launched a blog called Enaldi. Still months before saying goodbye to my life in my hometown (Palau-solità i Plegamans, near Barcelona), I was already using it for unrelated purposes: a few tech posts and walkthroughs, quotes from historical or current figures that I respected, talking about random stuff or even unboxing my first iPhone.

When the moment came, on September of that year, I said goodbye to my family and friends, got into a Ryanair plane to Turin, and began a new life. Scary? Of course. Specially in the beginning. But also awesome. Living in a city for the first time, meeting people from a thousand different places, and going to lectures (and even doing exams) in a language I only practiced for a month before turned out to be a spectacular experience.

I still blogged, though! I talked about several topics on the city: public transport, how the paperwork and bureaucracy are similarly painful to Spain, my experience of such a drastic change in my life, or even a small trip I did with some friends to Florence and some cities nearby.

Also publishing about the topics I treated before going to Turin, the writing frequence went down as I was getting through that wonderful year in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Then summer began, only to allow me a nice but short period of relax in my hometown before preparing everything that I needed for my next journey: writing the thesis in London.

Next chapter, here.