Traditional sectors are switching to newest technologies more and more lately, but they are often afraid about it and do not know how to start. How can we achieve that?

A few weeks ago, I was invited to an interesting event, organized by the BBVA innovation center. The topic was Fintech companies and APIs (in the end, the event is called The API Hour), and had both a morning session, more oriented to business, and an afternoon session with more orientation to developers.

I was going to talk in the afternoon block, and I began thinking on what to talk about. The lucky thing of doing what I do at Quipu is that I understand from both business and technology worlds, and I wanted to take advantage of that for the talk.

So I thought: “what are we doing at Quipu, in the end? What are we solving?”. And what we basically do is making life easier for our clients through technology, and particularly in sectors (like bookkeepers and accounting, as well as banking) that are not too prone to introduce technology to their businesses. That is what I was doing to talk about.

Thus, last March 5th, I presented the keynote that you can find here (in Spanish). Also there is a whole video for the event:

(you can find me in minute 33 for the presentation, and at 2 hours and 9 minutes for the speakers’ panel)

If you live in Barcelona or nearby, though, you still have a chance to see it live: I will be giving the same talk on next Wednesday, March 11st, in the next Smash Tech: I’m a Developer, also in Spanish.